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Artist Profile : Seruni Bodjawati

- Seruni Bodjawati's first painting was made when she was 10 months old. She grew up as an artist in a very good environment, Yogyakarta, center of the fine arts in Indonesia. Since her first canvas painting in 2000, she has made thousands of paintings with various sizes in various media. Both of her parents (Sri Harjanto Sahid and Wara Anindyah) are artists. Her father is also known as actor, journalist, poet, and art collector. With her parents, Seruni runs 2 private galleries named “Galeri Ruang Tamu” and " Galeri Sudut" in her hometown. The galleries are collecting more than 700 paintings, sketches and sculptures created by Basuki Abdullah, Dullah, Hendra Gunawan, Hendro Juwono, Surono, Kartono Yudhokusumo, Widayat, Saptoto, Batara Lubis, Djajeng Asmara, Kartika Affandi, Mersad Berber, Loe Boen Koen, Abdul Salam, Zaini, Sudarisman, Ivan Sagita, Edie Hara, Heri Dono, Dadang Christanto, Mudjiono D, I Nyoman Masriadi, Heri Kris, Made Sukadana, Pupuk Daru Purnomo, Lulus Santoso,Ugo Untoro, Edi Sunaryo, Faizal, Anis Ekowindu, Hayattudin, Robi Fathoni, et cetera.
- Gerard Holthuis, a filmmaker from Filmstad Netherlands, made a film about Seruni’s family paintings in 2007.
- Seruni has achieved numerous art awards and exhibited her paintings and drawings in Japan, India, Philippine, Singapore, New Zealand, France, England, Hungary, Germany, Australia, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, and US. In 2011 she was elected as one of Indonesian Young Heroes by Aplaus The Lifestyle Indonesia for her achievements in international art scenes. In 2012 she was awarded as The Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture by Kartini Magazine Indonesia and Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono.
- Seruni also produces art films and writes poems, short stories and essays.

Basic Info:
Name : Seruni Bodjawati
Place and Date of Birth : Yogyakarta, September 1st 1991
Address : Jalan Lowanu Gang Dahlia UH VI 686 D Sorosutan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact: serunibodjawati@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seruni.bodjawati
WhatsApp & SMS (Seruni Art Management): +6288216240655
Occupation : Painter, Writer, Filmmaker, Museum Ambassador
Education : - Master of Fine Art, Indonesian Arts Institute of Yogyakarta (2015-present)
- Graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in fine art from Indonesian Arts Institute of Yogyakarta (2009-2013)
- SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta, International Cambridge Center (International High School), graduated in 2009
- SMP Negeri 2 Yogyakarta (Junior High School), graduated in 2006
- SD Tamansiswa Ibu Pawiyatan Yogyakarta (Elementary School), graduated in 2003

Seruni Bodjawati:   The Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture, Kartini Awards 2012 by Kartini Magazine Indonesia and Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. Nominees: Agnes Monica (singer, actress), Atilah Soeryadjaya (Director and screenwriter of Sendratari Matah Ati), Kamila Andini (Director and screenwriter, the winner of Piala Citra 2011), Encim Masnah (87-year-old maestro gambang kromong classic), Astaliah (119-year-old maestro of South Kalimantan Barikin mask dance), Roesina (Dayak Deyah dancer from South Kalimantan).
2015: - First Winner of "Special Region of Yogyakarta Museum Ambassador 2015" by Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta and Department of Culture in Special Region of Yogyakarta.
- Perempuan Keren Indonesia Pilihan TRANS TV, Televisi Transformasi Indonesia.
2013: - Cultural Preservation Award for Ensuring The Continuation of Wayang in Global Contexts by Rumah Wayang Indonesia.
2012: - Inspirational Woman to Other, La Femme Awards 2012 by Leo Club Monas Family (Lions Clubs International).
- Indonesia's Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture, Kartini Awards 2012 by Kartini Magazine and Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono.
-  Honorary Award from Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia.
- The Best High-Achieving Student by Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta and the Rector of ISI, Prof. Dr. AM. Hermien Kusmayati, S.S.T., S.U.
2011: - The Best Painting Artwork Dies Natalis XXVII Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta.
- Awarded as The Most Successful International Visual Artist under 20 by La Société des Artistes Contemporains, France.
-Top 12 The Best Artwork Bazaar Art Award 2011, Harper's Bazaar Indonesia and Vanessa Art Link Jakarta.
- Elected as one of Indonesian Young Heroes by Aplaus The Lifestyle Indonesia.
2010: - The Best Painting Artwork, Dies Natalis XXVI, Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta.
2010: - The Best Watercolor Painting, Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta.
2010: - The Best Sketch, FSR Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta.
1997: - Selected Painter: Local Government of Yogyakarta and Kyoto Japan Painting Cooperation.
1995-1997: - The champion of 15 children art competitions in Jogjakarta and Central Java.

Art Activities (selected) 1996 – present:
“MOVE ART #3”, Tahun Mas ArtRoom, Yogyakarta.
“Amor Fati in Absentia”, Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta.
"Artist Toys", Lite-Haus Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
“FKY 2016: PAPERU”, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta.
“RUKUN IMAN”, TahunMas ArtRoom, Yogyakarta.
"Let's Talk About Culture", Ullen Sentalu Museum, Yogyakarta.
"Time is Love: International Video Screening", Plateau Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
"Internet's Black Market Yami-Ichi", TATE Modern, London, England.
"Rupa-Rupa Warnanya", Tahun Mas Art Room, Yogyakarta.
“European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference 2016”, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy.
“Cycle d'art Vidéo International & Performance 2016”, Galerie de la Voûte, Paris, France.
"FOOK: A Festival of The Arts", Issyara Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA.
“Affordable Art Fair Milano 2015”, Superstudio Più, Milan, Italy.
"Art-chipelago: Pameran Seni Rupa Nusantara", Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta.
"Pameran Koleksi FSR ISI Yogyakarta", Galeri Katamsi, Yogyakarta.
"Women's Creativity in Indonesian Cinema", Cultural Study Center Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
“Socio-Landscape”, National Museum of Cambodia, Preah Ang Eng, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
“Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair 2014”, The Excelsior, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
“Asian Aesthetic; Retrospective of Indonesia and Thailand Art”, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perak Kampus Seri Iskandar, Ipoh, Malaysia.
 “Manifesto #4, Keseharian: Mencandra Tanda-Tanda Masa”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta.
“Art in Dangerous Time”, Le Petit Versailles, New York, USA.
 “Video Screening: Phantasmagoria “, Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, USA.
"International Contemporary Art Exhibition", Art Gallery Le Logge Piazza del Comune, Assisi, Italy
"8th Spiral Channel: Art Exhibition and Film Screening", Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Santa Maria di Lignano, Italy.
“Jiwa Ketok dan Kebangsaan: S. Sudjojono, Persagi dan Kita”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta.
“Imagining Indonesia: Tribute to S. Sudjojono”, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali.
“Silahturahmi #2: Seni Rupa sebagai Jalan Persaudaraan”, Bentara Budaya Jakarta.
"Re_existence, An English Poetry Book Launching Written by Jiwangga Diwangkara & Illustrated by Seruni Bodjawati', Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.
"6th Spiral Channel: To Earth with Love (Art Exhibition & Film Screening)", Art Point Gallery, Prievidza, Slovakia.
"6th Spiral Channel: To Earth with Love (Art Exhibition & Film Screening)", UNITED DESIGNS in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
"Padmanaba Dedicart #2: Talkshow with Seruni Bodjawati", Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta.
“Non Expression”, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta.
“Pameran Tunggal Tugas Akhir”, Sasana Aji Yasa Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.
"ART JOG 2012: Looking East – A Gaze upon Indonesian Contemporary Art", Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
"Global Art Project (Indonesia & Korea) - Frida Kahlo Love & Tragedy by Seruni Bodjawati & Higi Jung", Ewho Gallery, Seoul, South Korea.
"Harmonia & Diverzitas", Templom Galeria, Eger, Hungary.
"Le Soleil de Minuit", Galerie Lefèvre, Paris, France.
"Pesta Perupa Menggores Jogja", XT Square Yogyakarta.
"All Eye Am: Solo Exhibition of Eva Bubla (Hungary)", Tembi Rumah Budaya, Yogyakarta. (curator)
"Hydropirates: TK Fest #3", Galeri ISI Yogyakarta.
"Bazaar Art Jakarta 2011",  Harper's Bazaar Indonesia- Vanessa Art Link, The Ritz - Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, Jakarta.
"Art of Motorcycle: Tribute to Nur Kholis", Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
“Survey III: From Whom The Bell Tolls”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta. 
"Imaji Ornamen: Pameran Nusantara 2011", National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta.
“Revolution of Indonesia”, Art Front Gallery, Singapore.
"The Best of the Best", Tujuh Bintang Art Space, Yogyakarta.
"Art in transit",the 1st International Graphic Art Festival, City of Cuenca, Spain.
"Art to Say the Truth" Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2011, Galeri ISI  Yogyakarta.
"Srikandi #2", Art Exhibition of Women Artists from ISI Yogyakarta, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
L’exposition «La Vie de Bohème», La Maison des Artistes Contemporaines-Galerie Lefèvre , Paris, France.
"A Year of Mata Angin Art Group", Sudana Gallery, Bali.
"Dies Natalis XXVII Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta", Galeri ISI Yogyakarta.
"Disambar Desember #4", Galeri ISI Yogyakarta.
"Inspirational Points", Contemporary Asian Arts Exhibition, Rajiv Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
"Fine Arts Exhibition of Alumnus and Students from ISI Yogyakarta", Fine Art Department of Faculty Visual Arts, Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta.
“Art for Our Life”, Gallery of the Ráday Könyvesház Budapest & Kis Zsinagóga Gallery Eger, Hungary.
"Art Towards Global Competition", Langgeng Gallery Magelang, UPT Galeri Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta.
“Dreams”, Rajiv Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
“Drawing Lovers #2” UPT Galeri Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.
“Hayley Westenra International Drawings Exhibition”, HWI Fan base, Christchurch, New Zealand.
“Sketsa II”, Fine Art Lobby Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta
"Watercolor Paintings Exhibition", Fine Art Lobby Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta.
"DIES NATALIS XXVI ISI", Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
"ITB Art Fair", Bandung, Indonesia.
"Jogja Art Share" Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta.
"Disambar Desember" UPT Galeri Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta.
Biennale Jogja X “Jogja Jamming”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta.
L’exposition «Ouverture sur la France», Aix-en-provence - Marseille, France.
“Gembira Loka”, Lorong Seni Lukis Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.
“Green Peace Poster”, Aula Katamso, SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta, International Cambridge Center.
“On the Block”, VK Lauterbach, Germany.
“Different Vision of Youth", Art Exhibition of London, England.
L’exposition «Une Vision Differenté De L’Art», Boulogne, France.
Performance Art live show Ki Mujar Sangkerta, gedung ASDRAFI Yogyakarta.
“Gema Wanita”, Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta.
"Art for Jogja”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“Art for Aceh” di Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
“Kotakatikotakita: Yang Muda Yang Melihat Kota”, FKY XVII di Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
L’exposition «Recontres Internationales de Jeunes», Paris, France.
Performance art and group exhibition with 3 children artists, Pendopo Agung Tamansiswa Ibu Pawiyatan Yogyakarta.
The ASEAN Exhibition of Children Art, Manila, Philippine.
Paintings Exhibition of Yogyakarta Children Art Festival.
Art by Children of the World, New York, USA.
Drawings Exhibition for My Mother, Melbourne, Australia.
Paintings Exhibition of Children from Yogyakarta-Kyoto in Indonesia and Japan.
International Art Exhibition of Children Drawings, Bucharest, Romania.
Paintings Exhibition of Yogyakarta Children Art Festival.

Seruni Bodjawati Juara Umum Duta Museum Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY)

Seniman muda Seruni Bodjawati terpilih dan dinobatkan sebagai Juara Umum pada Final Pemilihan Duta Museum DIY tahun 2015 di Hotel Harper, Yogyakarta, Sabtu malam 22 Agustus 2015.

Seruni Bodjawati menerima hadiah Tropi dan uang pembinaan Rp 24 juta, sedangkan Runner Up I dan II masing-masing diraih oleh Felix Setya Adri Kisnugraha memperoleh Tropi dan uang pembinaan Rp 21,6 juta dan Nusieta Ayu Primadian menerima Tropi dan uang pembinaan Rp 19,2 juta. Hadiah Tropi dan uang pembinaan diserahkan oleh Gubernur DIY, diwakili oleh Kepala Dinas Kebudayaan DIY Drs. Umar Priyono, M.Pd.

Pemilihan Finalis Duta Museum DIY Tahun 2015 diselenggarakan oleh Dinas Kebudayaan DIY, diikuti 10 orang finalis. Dewan Juri: Prof. Dr. Ida Rochani (Guru Besar Fakultas Ilmu Budaya UGM), Dr. Noor S. Rachmani, MSc. (Dosen Fakultas Psikologi UGM), Lusy Laksita (Broadcasting School & Partner in Communication), Daniel Haryono, M. Hum. (Kepala Museum Ullen Sentalu), dan Mayor Sus Ayi Supriyadi, SS, M.Sc. (Wakil Ketua Umum Badan Musyawarah Musea DIY). Tim Juri menilai berdasarkan pengetahuan tentang budaya DIY, kemampuan pemahaman soal karakter, sejarah dan peranan museum, serta komunikasi dan public speaking meliputi: penguasaan forum, cara penyampaian, penggunaan alat pendukung, bahasa dan penampilan.

Seruni Bodjawati S.Sn. lahir di Yogyakarta, 1 September 1991. Lulus Cum Laude di Fakultas Seni Rupa Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta, saat ini melanjutkan pendidikan S2 di Program Magister Penciptaan dan Pengkajian Seni ISI Yogyakarta.  Seruni Bodjawati mulai melukis sejak usia 10 bulan. Berbagai penghargaan seni telah yang telah didapatkan antara lain: Karya Seni Terbaik Dies Natalis XXVI dan XXVII ISI Yogyakarta, The Best Watercolor Painting ISI Yogyakarta, The Best Sketch FSR ISI Yogyakarta, Selected Painter: Local Government of Yogyakarta and Kyoto Japan Painting Cooperation, dan 15 kali juara I lomba lukis anak tingkat Nasional, DIY, dan JaTeng. Pada tahun 2011 Seruni dinobatkan sebagai The Most Successful International Visual Artist under 20 oleh komunitas seni di Prancis, La Société des Artistes Contemporains.  Karya seninya dalam media lukis, drawing dan art film telah dipamerkan puluhan kali di dalam dan luar negeri.

Seruni Bodjawati terpilih sebagai salah satu Pahlawan Muda Indonesia versi Aplaus The Lifestyle Indonesia atas prestasinya di bidang seni rupa di kancah internasional. Pada tahun 2012 mendapatkan anugerah Wanita Terinspiratif Indonesia di bidang Seni dan Budaya Kartini Award 2012 dari Majalah Kartini dan Ibu Negara Ani Yudhoyono. Terpilih sebagai Mahasiswa Berprestasi Paling Berbakat Tingkat Nasional Tahun 2012 oleh Direktur Pembelajaran dan Kemahasiswaan DIKTI dan terpilih sebagai Mahasiswa Berprestasi Terbaik se-Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta oleh Rektor ISI Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. AM. Hermien Kusmayati, S.S.T., S.U.  Pada tahun 2015, ia terpilih dalam program Perempuan Keren Trans TV yang diselenggarakan Televisi Transformasi Indonesia dalam rangka memperkenalkan perempuan-perempuan berprestasi di Indonesia.

Selain melukis, Seruni aktif dalam kegiatan pelestarian wayang dan mendapat penghargaan dari Rumah Wayang Indonesia yaitu Cultural Preservation Award for Ensuring The Continuation of Wayang in Global Contexts. Seruni juga menulis esai seni rupa di media massa dan memproduksi lebih dari 20 art film yang telah ditayangkan dalam screening di Affordable Art Fair Milan Italy, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair, Le Petit Versailles New York, dan masih banyak lagi. Cita-cita terbesarnya adalah mendirikan museum bagi ribuan buku dan lukisan koleksinya di Yogyakarta untuk memberikan wacana positif ke publik yang lebih luas.

- Kedaulatan Rakyat & Majalah Siswa Nusantara Tamansiswa

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seruni Bodjawati’s Cultural Preservation Award for Ensuring The Continuation of Wayang in Global Contexts

Wayang (Javanese puppet theatre) is one of the most important traditional arts in Indonesia that should be preserved as the cultural values ​​are very rich. Rumah Wayang Pulangasih which has been participating and organizing conservation events for Wayang in Indonesia conferred  Cultural Preservation Award for Ensuring the Continuation of Wayang in Global Contexts to an Indonesian contemporary artist Seruni Bodjawati. Previously, Rumah Wayang Pulangasih also conferred the awards to Bank Central Asia (BCA), Wayang Orang Bharata, Tembi Rumah Budaya, Sendratari Ramayana Open Air Prambanan, Yogyakarta Kekayon Museum, and many more.

Seruni who started painting at the age of 10 months has been creating thousands of artworks such as drawings, paintings and films that included cultural values and symbolisms of Wayang ​​in global contexts. Her paintings have been widely published in various national and international media and exhibited over 30 times in Indonesia, France, Australia, Romania, Hungary, Philippines, South Korea, Italy, Germany, USA and many more. Since last year,  Seruni and her mother (an Indonesian senior painter, Wara Anindyah)  have been making non-commercial art films including Wayang shows in various themes. One of the most well-known themes is about surreal biographies of famous figures in the world of art such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Edvard Munch, Yayoi Kusama, Michelangelo, etc.

The art films are very unique since they are based on eccentric ideas and visualized with surrealistic stories like the scenes in a beautiful dream or nightmare. The films are artistically stunning as the filmmakers’s basic professions are painters. Their art films have been appreciated by a lot of Asian, European, and American art critics and have been screened in Art Point Gallery, Prievidza, Slovakia, Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Santa Maria di Lignano, Italy, Art Gallery Le Logge Piazza del Comune, Assisi, Italy, and will be screened at Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, USA in March 2014.

In 2012, Seruni was awarded with Kartini Awardsas the Most Inspiring Woman in Arts and Culture from Kartini magazine and Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono since her monumental artworks have been inspiring a lot of Indonesian women. Indonesian Arts Institute in Yogyakarta gave many awards for her paintings such as " The Best Painting Artwork in Dies Natalis XXVI and XXVII" , "The Best Sketch in the Faculty of Fine Arts ", and "The Best Watercolor Painting". She also received La Femme Awards” from Leo Club Monas (Lions Clubs International) and the honorary titles as " Young Indonesian Hero " from Aplause The Style, " The Most Successful International Artist under 20 " from La Société des Artistes Contemporains, France and “The Most Talented Student with High Achievements” from Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia.

Seruni Bodjawati Awarded as Inspirational Woman to Other, La Femme Awards 2012, Leo Club Monas Jakarta (Lions Clubs International)

Seruni Bodjawati - Awarded Women 2012 "La Femme" as Inspirational Women to Other by Leo Club Monas (Lions Club International Organization), Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta, Dec 14 2012
The Republic of Indonesia has been through various changes and progress. The success that this Country has achieved is inseparable with the significant role of the Indonesian women itself. The roles that these women possess cannot be underestimated for it has done many good wills to the Country. One for instance is the participation of these women at determining the history of the Nation when it was struggling at hard times, which is one of the efforts these women gave to help bringing Indonesia forward to a brighter future.

“La Femme -The Power of Women” was an event that was presented specially by Leo Club Monas and sponsored by Lions Clubs and comprise an official program of the Lions Clubs International. This event was a tribute for the 22 chosen Indonesian Women, who has helped the society, and has achieved many achievements. The event was held in Grand Kemang Hotel Jakarta on December 14 2012. There were famous Indonesian designers such as Carmanita, Ghea Panggabean, Rave by Vera Abi, and Priyo Oktaviano contributing by lending their designer pieces that were shown on the fashion show, and were also auctioned in which the profit would be donated to Yayasan Mata Hati Bunda.

Seruni Bodjawati and Miss Indonesia 2008 & Ambassador for Orangutans: Zivanna Letisha
On the La Femme Awards 2012, Indonesian Contemporary Painting Artist Seruni Bodjawati was awarded as Inspirational Woman to Other, along with Melanie Subono (Rock Singer, Presenter & Activist), Merry Riana (Young Millionaire, Successful Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker), Zivanna Letisha (Ambassador for Orangutans, Puteri Indonesia 2008 & News Presenter), Adindara Setyohadi (Architecture Interior Designer & Muri Awarded for Y&D Porcelain Painting), Alanda Kariza (Cosmogirl! Of The Year 2006, Writer & Activist), Alexandra Asmasoebrata (Formula One Racer), Anita Feng (Brand Management & Marketing Communication Marketing Manager Consumer & Graphologist), Arimbi Nimpuno (Chef & Writer), Citra Natasya (Cosmogirl! Of The Year 2005, Model & Activist), Deborah Dewi (Graphologist), Ghea Panggabean (Local Designer), Gianti Giadi (Teacher, Choreographer & Professional Dancer), Indah Suryadharma (Head of PPP women & Head of Majelis Ta’lim Wardhatu Ummat), Nina Nikicio (Local Designer), Pradita Astarina (Associate Director in The Office of Indonesia’s President), Renita Sari (Program Director of Bakti Budaya in Djarum Foundation), Tri Mumpuni (Executive Director of The Institute of Business and Economic Democracy & Power Microhydro maker), Yessy Gusman (Movie Star & Owner of Yayasan Bunda Yessy), and Yessy Sutiyoso.

Seruni Bodjawati and Indonesian Rock Singer & Activist: Melanie Subono

Seruni Bodjawati was the youngest winner among the awarded women and the only winner in the field of Fine Arts. She has also received various national and international awards. In 2012, she was awarded as The Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture by Kartini Magazine Indonesia and Indonesian First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono. She also received Honorary Award from Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia. In 2011 she was elected as one of Indonesian Young Heroes by Aplaus The Lifestyle Indonesia for her achievements in international art scenes and awarded as The Most Successful International Visual Artist Under 20 by La Société des Artistes Contemporains Marseille, France. Indonesian Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta was also granted an award for her acrylic painting as The Best Painting Artwork Dies Natalis in 2011, the same award she previously achieved last two years along with The Best Watercolor Painting and The Best Sketch. She has been participating in group exhibitions & art projects in some countries such as in Indonesia, Japan, India, Korea, Philippine, New Zealand, Hungary, England, Romania, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, and US. Seruni Bodjawati who started painting since the age of 10 months has been spreading her ideology of feminism and Indonesian cultures through her paintings at many international art events. 

Knowing that women are one of the pillars of the Nation and are destined to become a successor, hopefully La Femme event will help escalate Indonesia in many ways by rekindling the spirit of nationalism to the society, both women and men from any cultural, race and ethnicity background. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Seruni Bodjawati in International Publications

Seruni Bodjawati
Revealing the Soul of Yayoi Kusama in Painting, Film, and Javanese Puppet Theatre
Japanese article by Noriko Miyamae

Indonesian artist Seruni Bodjawati is providing a new discourse that encourages discussion among art critics and gallery owners through her new works on Japan's most prominent and best selling contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama, in the media of painting, film, and Javanese puppet theatre.
Her painting entitled Flower of Insanity depicts Yayoi Kusama’s artistic passion which is transformed into a giant flower and burning flame in the midst of her uncontrolled mental chaos. While the film and Javanese puppet theatre entitled Infinity Nets describes her inspiration from the life and works of Kusama such as Narcissus Garden, the Infinity Nets series, Guideposts to the New Space, The Visionary Flowers, Pumpkin, Repetitive Vision, etc. The wild ideas, avant-garde visual appearances and beautiful soul of Kusama are embodied in a magnificent imaginary world in the works of Bodjawati’s art.
Bodjawati cultivates the ideas of traditional Indonesian themes and feminism assiduously, so that her works are often discussed among art observers all over the world. In 2012, Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono honored her with Kartini Awards as “Indonesia 's Most Inspiring Woman in Art & Culture " for her various accomplishments that have inspired many women in Indonesia. She also got La Femme Awards 2012 from Leo Club Monas Family (Lions Clubs International) and Honorary Award from the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia.
“The ideas of feminism are always relevant to be put forward in the society. Gender issues make the world and life come apart. I criticized the biography of the art world figures in a contemplative framework that is intelligent and sarcastic, “said Bodjawati about her creation ideas.There is always a burst of eccentricity within a genius. There is a contradiction that whirls in the strange harmony of Yayoi Kusama’s life that always be an inspiration for me."
Bodjawati started painting since 10 months old. Throughout her career she has created thousands of works in a wide variety of media and written hundreds of poems, short stories, and essays. Indonesian Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta awarded her works as The Best Sketch, The Best Watercolor Painting and The Best Painting Artwork of Dies Natalis XXVI and XXVII. Her works are considered to able to provide refreshment, enlightenment and a new hope in the field of Indonesian fine arts. Her art exhibitions always continues to be held in various cities such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Kyoto, Melbourne, London, Seoul, Paris, New York, etc. Bodjawati’s collaboration works with her mother, a senior Indonesian painter Wara Anindyah, in art films and Javanese puppet theatre have been appreciated by various groups of art lovers and received “Cultural Preservation Award for Ensuring The Continuation of Wayang in Global Contexts” from Rumah Wayang Indonesia. The films have also been screened and presented at various places in Indonesia, America, Slovakia, and Italy.

Seruni Bodjawati

インドネシアのアーティスト Seruni Bodjawati の絵画、映画そしてジャワ人形劇というメディアでの新しい作品  ーこれらは日本の最も著名でベストセラーの現代芸術家・草間彌生に基づいた作品ーが美術評論家、ギャラリー所有者達の間で議論をかもし出しています。「狂気の花」と題する彼女の絵は、抑制できない精神的な混沌の真っ只中で、巨大な花と燃える炎に変貌する草間彌生の芸術に対する情熱を描いています。「インフィニティ ネット」と題する映画やジャワ人形劇は、スイセンガーデン、無限ネッツシリーズ、新しいスペースへのガイドポスト、カボチャ、反復するビジョンへのように、彌生(さん)の作品や人生から得たインスピレーションを描いています。草間()のワイルドな思いつき、前衛的芸術の心象、美しい魂は Bodjawati の芸術作品の絶妙な想像の世界に具現化されています。

Bodjawati は、彼女の作品が世界中のアートオブザーバーの間で議論されるため、根気強く伝統的なインドネシアのテーマやフェミニズムを奨励しています。インドネシアの多くの女性達を感動させてきた彼女の様々な業績に対して「インドネシアのアート&カルチャーにおいて最も感動させた女性」としてカルティ二 賞が2012年に授けられました。(与えられました。)


Bodjawati10ヶ月の頃から絵を始めました。彼女のキャリアを通し、彼女は、メディアという広い多様性の中に何千という作品を創造し、何百という詩、短編小説、エッセイを書いてきました。ジョグジャカルタにある芸術インドネシア研究所は、彼女の作品にベストスケッチ、ベスト水彩画、そしてダイズ ナタリス XXVI およびXXVIIにおいてはベスト絵画アートワーク賞を与えました。インドネシアの芸術の分野では、彼女の作品が、元気回復、啓発、新たな希望を与えることができると考えられています。彼女のアートの展覧会は常に、 ジョグジャカルタ、ジャカルタ、バリ、シンガポール、京都、メルボルン、ロンドン、ソウル、パリ、ニューヨークなどの様々な都市で、開催され続けています。彼女の母であるインドネシア画家 Wara AnindyahBodjawati のアートフィルムと人形劇の中のコラボレーションの作品の数々は、様々な芸術愛好家のグループにその価値を認められおり、ルマーワヤンインドネシアからの「グローバル·コンテキストでワヤンの継続性を確保するための文化保全賞」を受賞しました。そのフィルムはまた映画化され、インドネシア、アメリカ、スロバキア、イタリアなどで発表されています。

(Hungarian-English Translation) Indonesian Artist Seruni Bodjawati tells the story of Javanese mythology in Eger, Hungary
In October 2012, Indonesian artist Seruni Bodjawati exhibited her painting with the theme of Javanese mythology in Eger, Hungary. The exhibition, entitled Harmonia & Diverzitas was held at Templom Galéria, Eger on October 2-9, 2012. In 2010, she exhibited her painting entitled Pearl of Java in the exhibition Art for Our Life at Gallery of the Ráday Könyvesház Budapest & Kis Zsinagóga Gallery Eger, Hungary. Last June, she curated a solo exhibition of an artist from Szeged, Eva Bubla, at Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta.
Seruni Bodjawati’s painting is titled The Birth of Java. This painting depicts a female Javanese giant dragon which is surrounded by villagers and waiting for a blessing  on a magical mountain. In Javanese mythology, the Javanese Dragon is a huge snake as the embodiment of the king of supernatural creatures. In the story of traditional Javanese puppet (wayang), a dragon serpent is known to be a deity called Sanghyang Naga Antaboga as a guard of the Earth. The interesting part of Seruni Bodjawati’s painting is that she portrayed a woman-headed Javanese Dragon that has different appearance from the Chinese Dragon and the European Dragon. It looks very unique and distinctive as Javanese Dragon is wearing a crown like a king and has no legs.
"I  a female Javanese Dragon because in the story Mahabharata and the Indonesia nation's view before the age of Hindu, a dragon or serpent is always associated with water. Water is absolutely necessary as a source of life. For me, a woman is the source who always gives a life to Java and gives a blessing to the entire nation of Indonesia ", she explained. She is very keen to cultivate themes of feminism in her paintings. Her artworks are appreciated by art critics and feminists in various parts of the world. In this year 2012, she was awarded as The Most Inspiring Woman in Art and Culture, Kartini Awards 2012 by Kartini Magazine Indonesia and Indonesian First Lady Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. She also received an Honorary Award from the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia and was elected as Indonesian Young Hero by Aplaus the Lifestyle, Medan, Indonesia. Seruni Bodjawati who started painting since 10 months old has been spreading her ideology of feminism and Indonesian cultures through her paintings at many international art events in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Singapore, Kyoto, Hyderabad, Paris, Marseille, London, New York, and many more.

Seruni Bodjawati indonéz festőművész alkotása a jávai mitológiáról mesél Egerben
2012 októberében Seruni Bodjawati, indonéz festőművész, második alkalommal mutatkozott be jávai mitológia által ihletett művészetével Egerben. A „Harmónia és diverzitás” címet viselő kiállítás 2012. október 2-9-ig volt megtekinthető az egri Templom Galériában. Korábban, 2010-ben „Pearl of Java (Jáva gyöngye)” című képe az „Art for Our Life (Művészet életünkért)” című tárlaton szerepelt a budapesti Ráday Könyvesházban és az egri Kis Zsinagóga Galériában. Alkotói tevékenysége mellett, tavaly júniusban a szegedi származású Bubla Éva festőművész yogyakartai Tembi Rumah Budayaban rendezett önálló kiállításának volt kurátora.
Seruni Bodjawati ez alkalommal kiállított alkotása a „Jáva születése” címet viseli. A festmény egy emberfejű jávai óriássárkányt ábrázol, akit áldására várva falusi emberek vesznek körbe Jáva szent hegyén. A jávai mitológiában eredetileg a jávai sárkány egy hatalmas kígyóalakú lény, s e természetfeletti teremtmény magának az uralkodónak a megtestesülése. A hagyományos jávai bábművészetben (wayang) a sárkánykígyó a Sanghyang Naga Antaboga nevű istenség, a Föld gyomrának őrzője. Seruni Bodjawati festményének érdekessége azonban az, hogy ő egy női fejű jávai sárkánykígyót ábrázol, amely nem hasonlít, sőt merőben eltér a sárkány kínai és európai ábrázolásmódjától. Nagyon egyedi és különleges jelleget kölcsönöz ennek a jávai sárkánynak az uralkodói korona és a lábak hiánya.
„Egy női fejű jávai sárkányt választottam festményem központi szimbólumává, mivel a Mahabharata történetében és a hindu vallás térhódítása előtti Indonéziában a sárkányt vagy kígyót mindig a vízzel asszociálták, a víz pedig az élet elengedhetetlen alapeleme, forrása. Számomra a nő az a forrás, aki Jávának életet, az egész indonéz nemzetnek pedig áldást ad.” Seruni Bodjawati előszeretettel dolgoz fel feminista gondolatokat képein, emiatt számos művészeti kritikus és feminista értekezett már alkotásairól. 2012-ben elnyerte a Kartini Magazine Indonesia és az indonéz first lady, Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono által odaítélt Kartini Díjat „A leginspirálóbb nő a művészetben és kultúrában” kategóriában. Szintén ebben az évben Tiszteletbeli Kitüntetést kapott az Oktatási és Kulturális Minisztérium Felsőoktatási Osztályának Főigazgatóságától, valamint „Fiatal indonéz hősnek” választotta meg a medani Aplaus the Lifestyle magazin. Seruni Bodjawati 10 hónapos kora óta fest, és azóta számtalan nemzetközi művészeti fórumon adott hangot feminista és az indonéz kultúrát hirdető ideológiájának alkotásain keresztül, többek között olyan városokban, mint Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Szingapúr, Kyoto, Hyderabad, Párizs, Marseille, London, New York, és még sok más helyen.

Le soleil de minuit c’est le titre de la peinture Seruni Bodjawati. La taille du panneau peut sembler démesurée en comparaison de la taille de l’artiste. Cette élégante peinture contemporaine est un acrylique sur toile de format 1,45 x 2 mètres. L'atmosphère y est tendue, mais passionnante. Causés par l'existence d'une absurdité frénétique, le romantisme y côtoie cynisme, sarcasme et humour, comme le peintre légendaire excentrique. Salvador Dali est attablé devant une assiette qui contient sa propre tête. Derrière, Gala semble en apesanteur au milieu de papillons dans le crépuscule. Tout semble en lévitation autour d’eux, aliments, verres à moitié plein, comme une farandole. La dominante rouge avec des coups de pinceau noirs donne une impression frappante. Ce travail est considéré comme étant la meilleure peinture artistique du  XXVI e Natalis indonésien Institut d'Art Yogyakarta. Elle est exposée en aout 2012 à la Galerie Lefèvre Paris, France.
Étant l'un des dizaines d’œuvres exposées,  la peinture de Seruni Bodjawati en émerge  par sa taille et sa sauvagerie. Il n'est pas étonnant que les visiteurs se déclarent  ravis et surpris par sa technique singulière. Plusieurs expositions mettent désormais en vedette le travail de Seruni Bodjawati qui est invitée dans différents pays et villes notamment : Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Ubud, Kyoto, Manille, Paris, Budapest, Hyderabad, Singapour, Londres, New York.
« C’est la 4e année que je peins sur de grandes toiles. En tant que junior,  j’ai commencé à peindre sur de la toile 2m x 1,45m.  Heureusement, mes parents m’ont encouragé et m’ont fourni tout ce dont j'avais besoin. Je peins désormais sur des toiles de 2 x 3 mètres. Plus la toile sera grande, plus riches seront  les idées qui en émergeront, » dit Seruni. Elle rajoute  « être artiste c’est êtreen perpétuelle réflexion, ne pas lésiner sur la sueur et oser quoi qu’il advienne. Sans compter les courtes nuits de sommeil. Quand les autres dorment, nous devons continuer à travailler. »
Oui, Seruni aime travailler sa peinture de nuit et dans le silence. Ses toiles sont alors imprégnées de son imaginaire et de sa solitude nocturne. Il n'est pas surprenant que son travail artistique soit sauvage et foisonnant.
Sur Seruni Bodjawati
L’artiste indonésienne Seruni Bodjawati est née en 1991 et a reçu divers prix nationaux et internationaux. En 2011, elle a été reconnue comme étant l’artiste internationale de moins de 20 ans qui a le plus de succès  par la communauté artistique en France. La Société des Artistes Contemporains l’ont  élue comme étant l'une des héroïnes des jeunes indonésiens, applaudissant l’art indonésien et sa résurgence sur la scène internationale. En août 2011, son ouvrage intitulé « Slaugthering Picasso » a réussi à être couronné dans le Top 12  des œuvres d'art Bazar Art par Bazaar Indonésie Harper, un concours national d'art à la Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta.En cette année de 2012, elle a reçu la distinction de femme de l’année par la Première Dame, Ani Yudhoyono dans l'Art et la Culture Kartini et selon le Magazine Indonésie et indonésien. De plus elle a reçu une récompense honorifique du directeur général de l'enseignement supérieur du ministère de l'éducation et de la Culture en Indonésie.

Seruni Bodjawati: The Most Successful Visual Artist under 20
Nowadays, contemporary art world knows no age boundaries for an artist's succession. La Société des Artistes Contemporains awarded a young Indonesian female artist, Seruni Bodjawati, as The Most Successful International Visual Artist under 20.
Seruni is an under 20 years old visual artist with superior achievements. She was already holding a brush and painted since 10 months old, had her very first solo exhibition in the age of nine, and before she reaches 20, awards and trophies from children painting competitions are in her hands along with more than 30 group exhibitions in Indonesia, Japan, India, Singapore, Philippine, Romania, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, and America.
Seruni's artworks reflect her remarkable brightness and natural talent. With subjects from ten thousands collection of books in her private library, every artwork contains a very rich and wide range of themes and aesthetic composition. An aesthetic sensibility representing the uniqueness and the depth of feelings are captured in every line she paints with dominance of black. Her intimacy with the objects she painted brings her artworks to life. “I'm in love with all of my works. Every time I paint, my emotions and feelings dissolve into the objects I painted. Figures I painted always become my best friends with their countless incredible stories you've never heard from anyone else,” said Seruni about her artworks.
When you come and see Seruni's artwork before your eyes, it could be an interesting experience. Seeing her artworks are like reading a metaphysical philosophy book like Plato’s, sometimes savage and immoral like Machiavelli's, and various complex yet beautiful artworks like Kant's or Hegel's philosophy. The best experience you would get is when sometimes the objects inside her paintings seem to plead your eyes to keep looking at them and engage communication. Either because of its strong magnetism or a depth of feelings she poured into her artworks.
The influence of Seruni's unique artworks is spreading across the world. One of her paintings, titled “The Art of Dinner”(collection of Dr. Hughes-Freeland, a senior lecturer in anthropology of University of Wales, Swansea), describes a dinner with fetuses and Frida Kahlo's head on a plate, while a figure of a member of the Guerrilla Girls appears to be eating the chopped head. It is an avant-garde feminist artwork with an original message.
Seruni brings a breath of fresh air to contemporary art and could be an inspiration for other young artists.
Written by Pierre-Louis Lefèvre. A collector and an art historian based in Aix-en-provence - Marseille, France.

Seruni Bodjawati, A Young Frida Kahlo from Indonesia (REVISTA DE ARTE - Febrero 2011)
Seruni Bodjawati, “La joven Frida Kahlo de Indonesia”
Hoy en día, el mundo del arte contemporáneo no conoce límites de edad para la sucesión de un artista. La Société des Artistes Contemporains concedió a Seruni Bodjawati la artista femenina de Indonesia el premio “Artista visual más exitosa de menos de 20 años”,
Seruni es una pintora menor de 20 años con logros superiores, Seruni que ya estaba sosteniendo un pincel y pintando desde 10 meses de edad.
La precoz artista, EXPUSO por primera vez con nueve años, y antes de cumplir los 20, sorprendió al ganar docenas de eventos para niños artistas junto con más de 30 exposiciones colectivas en Indonesia, Japón, India, Singapur, Filipinas, Rumania, Alemania, Francia, Nueva Zelanda, Australia y América.
A Seruni se la compara a menudo como "La Frida Kahlo de Indonesia", porque sus obras de arte reflejan su brillo excepcional y un talento natural.
La influencia de sus obras de arte únicas, están repartidas por todo el mundo.
Seruni, ha creado muchas de las hermosas pinturas de la vida de Frida Kahlo.
El año pasado, una de las obras de arte de Seruni se incluyeron en la colección de Hughes-Freeland (Catedrático de Antropología de la Universidad de Gales-Swansea),
Con el título "El arte de la Cena", la pintura que describe una cena con los fetos y la cabeza de Frida Kahlo en la placa, mientras que las guerrilleras comen la cabeza cortada.
Fue una obra de arte de vanguardia en el arte feminista con una idea original.
Seruni, trae un aire fresco en el arte contemporáneo y podría ser una inspiración para otros artistas jóvenes que quieran seguir sus pasos.

Seruni Bodjawati – den yngste feministiske kunstner i Indonesien (Seruni Bodjawati, the Youngest Feminist Artist from Indonesia)
Seruni Bodjawati (f. 1991) er en ung kvindelig kunstner fra Indonesien. Hun begyndte at male som lille, da hun blot var 10 måneder gammel. Indtil 2010 har hun modtaget adskillige priser så som: Best Artwork Dies Natalis XXVI ISI Yogyakarta, Best Watercolor Painting ISI Yogyakarta, Best Sketch FSR ISI Yogyakarta, Selected Painter: Local Government of Yogyakarta samt Kyoto Japan Painting Cooperation og har vundet 15 børnemalekonkurrencer i Jogjakarta , Centrale Java. I 2011 fik hun titlen Most Successful International Visual Artist (den mest succesfulde internationale billedekunster) under 20 år af Société des Artistes Contemporaines.
Seruni Bodjawati har afholdt tre solo udstillinger i Jogjakarta og deltaget i utallige gruppeudstillinger både i ind og udland – bl.a. i Indonesia, Japan, Indien, Singapore, Philippinerne, Rumænien, Tyskland, Frankrig, New Zealand, Australien og Amerika.
Seruni henter sin inspiration fra hele verden. Et af hendes billeder har titlen “The Art of Dinner” og det forestiller en middag med fostre og Frida Kahlos hoved på en tallerken, imens et medlem af Guerilla Girls ser ud til at være i gang med at spise det afhuggede hoved. Det er avant garde, - et feministisk kunstværk med et originalt budskab.
Seruni giver samtidskunsten et nyt pust af liv og kunne blive til en inspirationskilde og rollemodel for andre unge kunstnere. Hun kan hjælpe dem til at bevare troen på deres kunst, så de fortsætter med at lave kunstværker og når deres mål.

Jeune femme artiste indonésienne au talent inouï : Seruni Bodjawati
C'est à l'âge d'à peine 10 mois que Seruni, jeune artiste indonésienne, a commencé à manier le pinceau! Elle est née le 1er septembre 1991. Dans le cadre de différents concours, son talent fut remarqué et reconnu très tôt. Seruni a déjà remporté dans sa jeune carrière plusieurs prix et mentions dont notamment le « The Best Painting Artwork Dies Natalis XXVI Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta », le «The Best Watercolor Painting Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta », le « The Best Sketch Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta », le « Selected Painter: Local Government of Yogyakarta and Kyoto Japan Painting Cooperation », le «The Most Successful International Visual Artist under 20 by La Société des Artistes Contemporains ». Entre 1995 et 1997, elle remporta aussi les premiers prix de la compétition « 15 children art competitions in Yogyakarta and Central Java ».

L'oeuvre de Seruni a fait l'objet de trois expositions solo à Yogyakarta . D'autres oeuvres ont aussi été exposées un peu partout dans le monde. Les oeuvres de Seruni se sont notamment retrouvées à Kyoto au Japon, à New York aux États-Unis d'Amérique, à Melbourne en Australie, à Manille aux Philippines, à Bucarest en Roumanie, à Marseille, Boulogne et Paris en France, à Hyderabad en Inde, à Londres en Angleterre, à Lauterbach en Allemagne, à Christchurch en Nouvelle-Zélande, à Budapest et Eger en Hongrie et aussi à Singapour.

Seruni est une jeune artiste qui peint avec brio et harmonie les combats internes de chez l'être humain.

20111월 인도네시아 미술의 중심 족자카르타를 여행중이었다.
여느 때와 같이 걷고 걷는 중 족자카르타 예술이 태동하는 ISI 대학교를 방문 하였다.
(ISI 대학교는 오랜 전통을 자랑하는 족자카르타의 종합 예술 대학교 이다.)
등록금 납부 기간이었던 탓에 캠퍼스는 생각보다 조용했다.
낯선 얼굴... 낯선 건물들...나는 미술 대학에 들어 섰다.
몇몇의 학생들이 눈에 띄었고 고요한 공간에 퍼지던 웅성임속에서 나지막히 말을 걸어 오는 여학생이 있었다.
자신감있고 밝은 얼굴로 자신을 소개하며 말을 걸어 온 그녀는
올해 현대 예술가 학회 에서 수여하는 '20 세 미만의 가장 성공적인 국제 비주얼 아티스트 상'을 수상한
세루니 보드자와티(Seruni Bodjawati)였다.
그녀는 흔쾌히 이국땅에서 온 내게 캠퍼스를 소개 시켜주었다.
그녀와 함께 걸으며 대화를 하는 동안 인도네시아 여성작가로써 열정적인 삶을 살아 가는
그녀의 호흡이 느껴졌다.
차분하며 신중했으며 무엇인가 깊히 사색하는 듯 했다.
그녀는 이미 생후 10개월 만에 붓을 들었으며
아홉살의 나이에 첫 개인전을 한 굉장히 재능이 뛰어난 아티스트였다.
그녀의 첫 개인전은 2000714Kayon's Gallery에서 열렸다.
인도네시아의 전설적인 아티스트 '아판디'의 딸 Kartika Affandi의 주최로 열린 이 전시는
현대미술가들의 큰 이목을 끌었으며 일본, 인도, 필리핀, 싱가포르, 뉴질랜드, 프랑스, 영국, 헝가리, 독일, 호주, 루마니아, 그리고 미국등에서도 전시를 하였다.

그녀가 이렇게 까지 창작 활동에 열중 할 수 있는 힘은 어디에서 오는지 궁금 하였다.
난 그녀의 가족 갤러리에 초대 받았으며 가족 갤러리에 들어 서자 의문이 풀렸다.
가족 갤러리는 다름 아닌 집안 전체를 그림으로 메운 편안한 분위기의 전시 공간이었으며
어머니와 아버지 또한 인도네시아에서 유명한 작가로 활동 하시고 계셨다.
그녀의 어머니는 인도네시아의 프리다 칼로 라고 불리는 중국계 혼혈 'Wara Anindyah' 였으며
중국사회와 민족에 관한 이야기와 여자의 생을 주제로 작품활동을 하고 계셨다.
좋은 배경에서 태어나 어려서 부터 자연스럽게 그림을 그렸으며
거실 한켠에 만권가량 차곡차곡 쌓여 있는 책들은 그녀의 독서량을 집작케 하였다.
그녀는 책을 읽으며 철학,종교,인문,사회,과학등 다양한 분야의 정보를 접했다고 한다.

그녀는 멕시코의 화가 '프리다 칼로'에 관심이 많았다. 프리다 칼로에 관한 그림이 많았으며
그림을 그리는 매 순간 순간 마다 그림속의 인물들과 사랑에 빠진다고 하였다.
강렬한 색감과 검정색 아웃라인이 돋보이는 그려진 그림 속 인물들은
우리가 한번도 들어 보지 못한 믿기 힘든 이야기와 함께
그녀의 가장 친한 친구가 되어 주었다고 한다.
그녀의 생각을 가장 잘 대변해 주는 인물 '프리다 칼로'에 관한 오마주 페인팅이 눈에 띄었다.
전위적인 페미니스트 아트워크 였으며 자유분방한 내면 세계가 흥미로웠다.
어머니 '와라 아닌디아'의 초상은 어머니를 이해해 가는 그녀의 마음이 잘 녹아 있었으며
프리다 칼로의 이야기를 화폭위에 해체시켜 놓은 그림은 인도네시아의 풍경과 문화와 함께 그려져
새롭게 해석된 신선한 이야기로 다가왔다.
그 화폭속에서 그녀가 지닌 내면의 세계을 가장 잘 볼 옅볼 수 있었다.

"언제 어디에서 든지 우리 가족들은 그림을 그려요."
"언제 어디에서 든지" 라는 말은 사실 쉬운 말이 아니다. 뒷뜰에는 아버지께서 그려 놓으신 벽화와
페인트 자국 들이 그림에 관한 셀루니 가족들의 열정을 대변하고 있는 듯 했으며
천장이 높은 인도네시아의 전형적인 2층 집에는 그녀의 아버지가 콜렉 하신 그림들과 가족들의 그림들이
차곡 차곡 쌓여 있었다. 특히 2층에는 조용히 침묵을 지키고 있는 수많은 캔버스들이 전시를 기다리고 있었다.

500호는 족히 넘어 보이는 세루니 아버지의 그림이 공개 되었다. 환상적인 색감과 다양한 주제.
족자카르타의 새로운 세상 '세루니 가족갤러리' 그 안에 들어 찬 수많은 신세계.
아버지와 딸이 함께 그 커다란 캔버스를 옮기며 들려주는 그림 이야기가 기억에 남는다.
작가 '와라 아닌디아'가 정성스레 내어준 따뜻한 차와 형형색색의 다과.
이미 수없이 많은 그림과 나의 망막에 맺히는 빛의 프리즘 보다 화려한 색감으로 화폭위에 칠해질
아직 세상에 나오지 못한 색들이 이곳 어딘가에 가득차 있었다.
그녀는 앞으로 수많은 이야기와 색감을 잉태할 저력있는 청년 작가다.
인도네시아 여성의 삶을 대변할 수 있는 작가로 성장하길 희망하며
끊임없는 열정과 노력의 작업물은 다른 청년 작가들에게도 귀감이 될 것이다.

2011.2월 정민기

인도네시아에서 만난 열아홉의 Artist, Seruni Bodjawati

지난 겨울 추위로 대지가 얼어 붙은 한국을 피해 인도네시아 여행을 다녀왔다.
하루에 서너차례 비가 내리던 족자카르타에서 비를 피하던 중 우연히 만난 사람이 있었다.
친절히 우산을 내준 그녀는 밝지만 외로운 색을 가진 열아홉, 인도네시아의 샛별 작가였다.

화려하지만 외롭고 이질적인 색감. 세루니의 그림이 지닌 첫 느낌이다. 어딘지 모르게 불쾌하다. 행복하기만 한 열아홉 소녀는 아닌게 확실하다. 그녀는 아주 오래전부터 그림을 그렸다.
생후 6개월이 되던 때 처음으로 그림을 그렸다는 그의 화풍은 인도네시아를 대표하는 여류 화가Wara Anindyah의 화풍을 닮았다. 와라 안인디아는 인도네시아의 프리다 칼로로 불리우며 세루니의 어머니이기도 하다. 그는 운이 참 좋았다. 세루니의 아버지 또한 자국에서 인정받는 화가이기 때문이다. 두 화가의 피를 물려 받았으니 그의 예술적 혼은 곧 그의 인생인 것이다. 두 가지 피가 섞여 하나의 색을 만들어 준 것이다. 그의 작품에는 삶과 죽음이 보인다. 두 경계에서 인간의 호기심을 자극해, 해답을 알지 못해 두렵기도 하다. 때로는 지루할 정도로 고요하며 어떤 면에서는 명쾌하다. 마치 잔다르크의 갑옷처럼 단단하지만 그 안에 숨어있는 여아의 순수함도 있다. 한 작품 안에서 상반된 느낌을 이끌어 낼 수 있는 것은 그녀만이 가지고 있는 특색이기도 하다.

올해 중순, 족자카르타에서 있을 세루니의 개인전에는 프리다 칼로를 주제로 한 작품이 전시될 예정이다. 그는 현재 거대한 프리다 칼로 인형을 제작하고 있으며 동시에 그와 관련한 페인팅 작업을 진행하고 있다. 그는 인도네시아 여성 중 프리다 칼로를 좋아하는 사람은 극소수라고 한다. 대부분의 인도네시아 여성이 히잡을 쓰고 생활한다는 사실을 안다면 자신이 프리다 칼로를 존경하는 이유를 알 것이라고 했다. 그가 작업하고 있는 그림에 등장하는 프리다 칼로는 여성으로서 겪게 되는 수난을 온 몸으로 끌어 안은 모습이다. 그 모습은 여성의 '인내'와 '우월함'을 지켜내는 것 같다. 인도네시아 여성이 예술가로 살아가는 것 자체가 페미니스트 운동이라는 생각을 해본다.

"나는 아티스이기 때문에 히잡을 쓰지 않습니다."

열아홉 임에도 불구하고 예술가로서 의자가 얼마나 굳건한지 알게 해주는 대목이다. 세루니는 얼마전 프랑스 현대 예술가 학회에서 수여하는 <20세 미안의 가장 성공적인 국제 비주얼 아티스트 상>을 받았다. 그는 한국에서는 단 한번도 전시를 가져 본 적이 없다며 한국에서의 전시를 기대한다고 밝혔다.

March, 2011

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Seruni would like to thank all of her friends around the world especially Charlotte Douglas, Dr. Hughes-Freeland, La Société des Artistes Contemporains-Marseille, Claudia Bonnet, Andrea Chastain, Roman Marchand,  Pierre-Louis Lefèvre, Trie Ayuningtyas, Birthe Havmøller, Yolanda Merchante, Marie Martine Bedard, Mingi Jung, Higi Jung, Nelly Kerfanto, Noriko Miyamae, and Eva Bubla.